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My Newest Idea!

The current location of my office---which I'm trying to keep---has a large lobby. This space is shared with several other businesses. But on Saturdays, it's pretty quiet around here. I've been working on different sources of revenue, and I think I've got one that will benefit everyone (including my landlord!)

One or two Saturdays a month, I'm going to host a show highlighting different areas. This month, on the 19th, will be showcasing handcrafted items. Each space is $25, and it's a small show: 8-12 vendors.

Tentative Schedule:

December 19th: Handcrafts 2016 January: Health & Fitness January: Home-based Businesses February: Wedding Services February: Pet Services March: Home Repair & Maintenance March: Landscapers April: Beauty May: Housing July: Handcrafts August: Travel Services September: Fundraiser September: Recreational October: Self-published authors October: Home-based businesses November: Photographers November: Beauty December: Handcrafts

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