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Jim in front of the Gem

My now-husband Jim in front of what would be my eighth and final "public office."

Gearing up to practice exclusively online!

After several attempts to make it in retail locations, I finally closed up shop. No more rentals for me!

Dealing with my daughter's terminal illness long-distance made it too difficult practically and emotionally for me to maintain an office outside of my home. After she passed, my fiancé (pictured) and I made plans to finally get married on the first anniversary of her death as a way to include her. Six months later, our community was tragically consumed by a wildfire. We lost nearly everything on our property. It's taken me this long --- nearly three years as I write this --- to even consider getting back to work. Because of CoVid-19, many hypnotherapist are offering sessions online only. I have all the more reason to do so! This will take additional training as traditional hypnotherapy --- as I was taught it ---
relies on in-person cues and feedback. But I'm
willing to learn!
So please be patient as I once again
reinvent myself, out of the ashes 💜

Love What You Do,


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