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Purpose of this Log: Integration

I'm fascinated by everything. Almost. I have to rein myself in, but I can only do that so much. While I'd like to learn to do this, that, and so much in-between, I've narrowed it down to a few areas, not in any particular order:

  • hypnotherapy

  • art

  • writing

  • public speaking

  • horses

All these elements remind me of a tidepool. I'm hoping this blog will help bring them together in a way that they connect in my mind. Much of what we do is intertwined and/or connected. It's just a challenge to keep them all straight!

Oh, and in case you're wondering, I did start to call this a blog. But I'm a little done with the blending of words (weblog=blog). So I'm going old-school with log/logbook, but I like it. And the "ensign" part? That's in reference to my character in a Star Trek novel. YES, it really is me, not just my name! I was working at the time for a novelist couple, who pen authorized Star Trek books and anthologies. They asked if they could use my name for a minor character, and of course I said "YES!" I'm mentioned---or rather my namesake is---on about five pages throughout Voyager: Echoes. I must say, it's an excellent story too, especially if you like the mind-tangle of multi-dimensional timelines/lives. HEY, that kind of applies to me and this character! Neat!

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