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Toastmasters Speech #5

On October 14th I'm giving my fifth Toastmasters speech. I was scheduled to give it today, but came down with a minor cold this morning, so I've rescheduled. It's not ready anyway. The issues isn't that I haven't been thinking about it, and I did write it (though at the last minute, and only rough notes), but I've only kind of practiced once. Although I'd like to be better prepared, it just isn't among the highest of my priorities. So I've decided to change my goal re Toastmasters slightly: Not only do I see it as a way to overcome my nerves of standing in front of people and speaking, but also simply as a practice for bigger public speech opportunities.

So in a way, I'm learning to be unprepared, but able to perform anyway.

Besides, there are so many criticisms (although they are very encouraging too). I'm never going to be a perfect speaker, and I may never compete either. I will---and have---learn a lot, and if I relax in the process and not take it so seriously, I'll do better.

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